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The Truth about Stills 26 Gallon 100L Home Alcohol Moonshine Still Column

The Truth about Stills 26 Gallon 100L Home Alcohol Moonshine Still Column
The Truth about Stills 26 Gallon 100L Home Alcohol Moonshine Still Column
The Truth about Stills 26 Gallon 100L Home Alcohol Moonshine Still Column
The Truth about Stills 26 Gallon 100L Home Alcohol Moonshine Still Column

The Truth about Stills 26 Gallon 100L Home Alcohol Moonshine Still Column    The Truth about Stills 26 Gallon 100L Home Alcohol Moonshine Still Column

The Truth about Alcohol Moonshine Stills. First off, let us distill the notion that making pure 95%--190 proof Alcohol is illegal. If you are dumb enough to make alcohol for sale to the public, then. City, County, State and Federal Agencies will soon put a stop to it.

That would be stepping over the line and breaking a law. Everyone knows of course it is perfectly legal to make all the beer you want (limited to 100 gallon per adult, two maximum in a household per year), make all the wine you want, again, under that 200 gallon limit per household per year and finally, 200 gallons of pure moonshine as long as you use it for personal consumption, give it away to friends and family and not benefit financially from it. So that in itself paves the way for you to own moonshine still in most states in the United States, Canada and Mexico. During the recent pandemic, the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms issued a directive that suspended all licensing of alcohol for antiseptic, medical disinfectant and pure medical grade alcohol. As of this writing the ATF has not rescinded this directive.

The reasoning was pretty simple. Even the hospital treating this deadly disease could not get enough medical alcohol as it was one of the top hoarded items just under toilet paper.

You could not even get a cheap hand sanitizer or Alcohol laden wipe. The stuff I was making was over 95% pure medical grade alcohol. The hand sanitizers were only 60% or less.

The way you tell is simply light a match to it. If it were more than 50% it will burn a light blue flame; If less than 50%, it will not even catch on fire. I had twenty custom made stills that was capable of producing about 5 gallons of alcohol per day each.

Trust me on that one. The uses of what you can do with combustible material are unlimited. It would fill a book and many have been written on just that. You can run your car, a jeep when things get bad and going bad in a hurry. You can fuel a off road vehicle, motor scooter or even a motor cycle.

If you need to get out of Dodge quickly and the bridges are out, have five gallons of fuel may be the only escape possible. Great depression of the 1930's, illegal alcohol and cigarettes were the only industry that doubled and didn't go bankrupt.

At that point in time, the laws go out the window and you are trading anything you have to keep your family from starving to death. People hoard crazy stuff like Cigarettes, Toilet paper and yes, even a bottle of good old fashion Scotch. They are inherently dangerous; they tend to blow up with a flame reaches out and touches pure alcohol. Some are powered by butane or propane burners that have an open flame.

Not a very good idea. Other have an electric hot plate that you actually set the boiler on. If you have time to waste and don't mind waiting to Christmas for your first sip, then knock your self out. Still, there is a flashpoint to alcohol and it pretty low.

Things go boom in the night if you are not careful or have the proper equipment. Now let's talk about size for a minute. That folks is nothing more than a little bigger than a quart. It make the 25 liter boiler sound bigger but divide it by four and it still only 6.6 gallons. That my friends will not even make you one quart of booze and it will take you all day long to make it.

If you are serious about making alcohol, do it for real. Put on your big boy pants and the minimum run should be at least a 25 gallon boiler and should give you your five gallons per day. Yes, that would be two complete runs per day but it would give you the needed 5 gallons of E-85 or pure alcohol for your generator to keep the lights on and your freezer and refrigerator running. He could take pure sea water and convert it to pure drinking water.

It is great having a fishing lodge on a small island but if you don't have fresh pure water, things get a little sticky. Have you ever taken a shower in Sea Water?

That is just one of the uses. I think for you survivalist out there and those who think the world is going to heck in a row boat, you should consider one of our stills. Again, When everyone takes to the hills, a still and a card table could make a bar in no time. Put a pool table with it and you have a old west saloon just like the good old days when who carried the biggest gun in town was the law and order. Of course there would be no law and order as civilization would soon break down. Then again, things that go boom in the night might have a whole new meaning to law and order. Alcohol could be a pretty good defense mechanism to protect your family. The main thing to remember is a Still can run a generator for hours upon end. The units I sell are 26 gallon reflux column with a parrot attached. If you don't know what a parrot is, you probably shouldn't be reading this treatise and look for a stove stop still that can make you a shot of booze for an evening work and run you water bill up to over a hundred dollars because you recirculated the water down the drain. It is accurate to 1/100. Of a degree of temperature and that makes pure 95% alcohol. You have to brew your still inside of a vacuum to get 100% alcohol and the minute you take it out of the vacuum and expose it to the humidity in the air, it immediately goes back to 95.6 so stick with the open air stuff and it will be as pure as it gets. BTW, you can not drink 190 proof alcohol.

It will suck all of the moisture out of your mouth and burn like you swallowed hot coals. Don't even try it! Don't panic over the 220 Volts, almost all generators have not only 110 but 220 volts as well. In a 26 gallon boiler, it heats up the mash 5 times faster than 110 Volts.

You don't want to be waiting all day for this thing to drip. It you want to play around with toys, get yourself one of those cheap stove top stills.

If you want to put on your big boy pants and produce enough fuel to light up a neighborhood, maybe you should consider one of our stills. WE do have 55 gallon stills but until you develop a legal market for you product, stick with a 26 gallon one. This item is in the category "Home & Garden\Kitchen, Dining & Bar\Brewing, Distilling & Wine Making\Equipment".

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  • Final Product: Vodka, whiskey, gin etc
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Item Depth: 26 gallons
  • Item Height: 60 in
  • Kegging Gas Type: can run on propane
  • Item Width: 36 in
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Operation Type: Semi-Automatic
  • Power Source: Electrical
  • Installation: Floor
  • Type: Still
  • MPN: mpn319
  • Item Length: fully assembled 5 feet tall
  • Non-Domestic Product: No
  • Applications: Moonshine stills,alcohol distillers
  • Components: Collumn, Boiler,dephlegmator, condenser, parrot
  • Volume: 100 L
  • Usage: Home, Distillery
  • Featured Refinements: Moonshine Still
  • Modified Item: No
  • Brand: Alcohol Still E-85
  • Item Diameter: 29 in
  • Hose & Tubing Size: 2 inch Dairy Industry C clamps

The Truth about Stills 26 Gallon 100L Home Alcohol Moonshine Still Column    The Truth about Stills 26 Gallon 100L Home Alcohol Moonshine Still Column